The great Fred Wesley, of the famous JB Horns, Parliament, and now, the New JB Horns was in town (Greensboro) working on Dave Fox's recording, "The Healing Blues Project" when I got a call from Earthtones Recording that Fred needed a rhythm section for a session. So, Chuck Cotton (drums) AJ Diggs (bass) and myself on guitar from House of Dues sat in with Fred for two hours laying it down. When we took a break, Fred was kind enough to play on two "Field Trip" tracks, an old Louie Armstrong tune, "Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans" and another old standard, "Glory of Love", once recorded by Peggy Lee, among others.

Fred listened to the tracks for a minute or two, and in one take, killed it!  So excited to have this master musician on the record.  Thank you Fred and Joya.